About Coface

Our mission

Support companies in making the right decisions

We protect your company against the risk of non-payment thanks to a large offer in credit-insurance. Every company, whatever the size or business sector, needs to protect its domestic and export transactions against the risk of non-payment.


Coface offers a complete range of credit-insurance in order to protect the companies against risk of non-payment. Credit insurance with Coface, it is also country risk, sector and credit analysis to help our clients to better assess and prevent the risks that they have to take.

Of companies are faced with default of payment


Protection "Made in Coface" is based on a powerful preventive system: our experts are mobilized around the world to analyze the financial strength of companies and prevent default of payment.


This daily monitoring is restored to all or part of the portfolio of our customers, in a spirit of complementarity and partnership with companies.


Of insolvencies are due to unpaid invoice

In case of non-payment, Coface indemnifies the company insured to cushion the shock of the loss. Once aware of this outstanding, our experts are involved to recover the debt from the buyer.


We use the best recovery techniques, proven by our experts, to maximize the chances of recovery and do it in a timely manner.


  • A direct business development team covering all Belgium area
  • Specialized brokers nationwide
  • Key accounts team based in Brussels and Ghent

Long-term partnership based on the mutual trust, the business of credit insurance requires close and regular relationship between the insurer and the insured.


At Coface, meet, share and adjust are the hallmarks of the relationship between our companies. All of our human and technical resources are mobilized to cultivate this approach.



Specific and innovative evaluation tools

One of the priorities of Coface is to enable companies to make the right decisions at the right time. To reach this, we develop efficient and innovative tools to detect, assess and monitor in real time the risks that companies face: country risk, sector and credit.


Coface experts follow the evolution of the average risk presented by companies from countries as part of commercial transactions in short term. For each of the 158 countries studied, the Group provides 7 reviews of this risk to companies, ranging from A1 (lowest risk) to D (highest risk).


Coface completes this service by evaluating (also from A1 to D) the quality of the business environment in these countries: reliability and availability of business accounts, its legal system efficiency and quality of its institutions. Coface also follows the major developments of industries. Thanks to the experience of its risk underwriters, the Group analyzes the economic outlook of a sector and the possible influence of the financial situation of companies in commercial transactions in short term.


> Discover Coface risk assessment map and our panorama sectors


A large range of high value-added information

To ensure an efficient risk prevention and make decisions with full knowledge of the facts, the risk underwriter needs information on buyers. It must include a reliable picture of their financial situation to assess their ability to meet their commitments. Coface, from classic information called "base", enhances and updates the internal company data.


This information is supplemented by interviews and visits in situ, is carried by nearly 200 employees in 23 centers worldwide. It allows Coface to collect detailed information on 2.4 million active accounts receivable information in the world. A Coface team of nearly 70 employees creates more depth of the largest debtors, with a specific assessment tool: "Debtor Risk Assessment." (DRA)

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