2015 Country Risk Conference: In 2015, the global recovery will be laborious and subject to multiple risks


The global economy is on the path of gradual recovery. Less vigorous than before the 2008 crisis, global growth continues to follow a moderately accelerating trend: +3.1% in 2015, after +2.8% in 2014 and +2.7 in 2013. Slight improvements are expected both in advanced countries (from +1.7% in 2014 to +2.1% in 2015) and in emerging countries (from +4.2% to +4.3%).

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Middle East and North Africa region: What progress after the “Arab Spring”?


Economic activity is gaining strength in Middle East and North Africa region - Strong growth momentum in GCC countries continue, economic recovery in oil importers is on track - Oil exporters successfully diversified their economies, but they are still heavily dependent on hydrocarbon sector in terms of budget and export revenues - Oil importers face higher risks of geopolitical tensions - Morocco and Tunisia seen benefitting from European recovery, higher political stability

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Coface obtains credit insurance license in Morocco and strengthens its leading position in Africa


Present in Morocco since 2007, Coface has now obtained its license for insurance and reinsurance activities from the regulatory authorities.

This means that Coface can directly offer its credit insurance solutions to Moroccan companies. In addition to collection and information services, Moroccan companies will benefit from Coface's expertise in prevention and credit risk protection for their commercial transactions, supported by the largest international credit insurance network.

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Coface launches an innovative offering for SMEs in Belgium


Recognising that a quarter of bankruptcies are linked to unpaid invoices, Coface is introducing an innovative solution 100% on-line targeted at SMEs, key drivers of economic growth worldwide.

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  • Coface launches an innovative offering for SMEs in Belgium: EasyLiner

    A simple online
    solution for SMEs

    Coface launches an innovative offering for SMEs in Belgium: 

    - Operational efficiency: a coverage which will ensure and indemnify you in case of non-payment

    - 100% online management: get an insurance to cover your operations in just a few clicks

    - Serenity: you are protected from all negative surprises and your turnover is secured

    - Commercial development: preserve and reinforce your competitive advantages and don’t be afraid to offer more credit to your customers

    - A financial support: become more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of your partners and get bank financing much easier