70% of companies in the Asia-Pacific Region experienced overdue payments in 2014


Coface’s annual survey on Asia-Pacific region questioned 2,695 companies in 8 economies. 70% of the companies surveyed experienced overdue in 2014 - the highest level in 3 years. In addition, 37% of the respondents reported that overdue amounts increased in 2014, up by 2% compared with the previous year. Companies in China, India, Hong Kong and Thailand are particularly affected.

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Has the US automotive sector shifted safely into top gear?


The bail-out for the US automotive industry, at a cost of 80 billion dollars and large-scale layoffs, traumatised the United States. Its automobile manufacturers are now rebuilding their competitiveness and benefiting from the upturn in US economic growth (forecast at 2.9% in 2015). The industry has picked up and demand is being driven partly by easier access to credit, but at what price? In 2015, Coface’s model predicts an increase in sales of 3.8% a sustained level of growth, but well below the level recorded in recent years.
The automotive sector needs to continue to look towards the future and the changes required to meet the new challenges ahead.

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The end of milk quotas: New rules


April 1st 2015 marked the end of milk quotas in Europe, a regulatory tool imposed in 1984 in response to overproduction, leading to the so-called “butter mountain” and the “milk lake”. For the first time in 30 years, the market alone will determine the quantities of milk produced. Are French dairy farmers ready for this? Is the abolition of milk quotas going to make it possible for milk producers to supply the rapidly growing markets in Asia? Or to develop to meet the high level of demand for organic products?

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Business insolvencies in France at the end of April 2015: The numbers continue to slowly improve, at -2.7% on a year


The favourable swing first seen in 2014 continues. The immediate rise in business insolvencies in the first four months was partly due to a catching up after the artificially low year-end data, because of the industrial action within the court system, which has however resurfaced in May.

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