Quarterly updated country risk and business environment assessments


Coface upgrades country risk assessments of two European economies and places Brazil under negative watch Business environment in Russia downgraded to C

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Five advanced economies will avoid the risk of "secular stagnation" within the next decade


More than three years after the official recovery, advanced economies are struggling to return to a path of sustained growth. Some are even forecasting stagnant growth, a situation sometimes seen as irreversible. But not all advanced economies are in the same position when it comes to this risk of long-term stagnation and some exceptions stand out in what is a fragile global landscape. Which of the OECD’s advanced economies have what it takes to accelerate their growth over the next decade?

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Two sectorial assessments updated due to impact of lower oil prices


The recent drop in the price of oil has had knock-on effects for company credit risk around the world. Among the 14 sectors analysed, Coface has identified one big winner and one big loser, with the corresponding assessments revised upwards or downwards.

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Has the US automotive sector shifted safely into top gear?


The bail-out for the US automotive industry, at a cost of 80 billion dollars and large-scale layoffs, traumatised the United States. Its automobile manufacturers are now rebuilding their competitiveness and benefiting from the upturn in US economic growth (forecast at 2.9% in 2015). The industry has picked up and demand is being driven partly by easier access to credit, but at what price? In 2015, Coface’s model predicts an increase in sales of 3.8% a sustained level of growth, but well below the level recorded in recent years.
The automotive sector needs to continue to look towards the future and the changes required to meet the new challenges ahead.

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