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Coface's solution to prevent and cover non-payment risks for your invoices, in Belgium and internationally.

Four Good reasons to CHOOSE Globalliance Product line:

  • A comprehensive policy;
  • A scalable policy;
  • Economies of scale;
  • A powerful international network.
Globalliance” is Coface’s flagship credit insurance policy. Offered to all companies, from SMEs to multinationals, it is a scalable and highly comprehensive policy.


Comprehensive, since you benefit from:
  • the guarantee of your buyers and the possibility of monitoring related developments in real time;
  • the indemnification of your unpaid invoices;
  • comprehensive commercial information on your sales partners (prospects, suppliers, etc.) in order to make the best choices: Debtor Risk assessment, @rating credit opinion, in-depth report, etc.;
  • professionally handled collection of your unpaid invoices around the world.


Scalable, since you can choose:
  • to cover your home country and/or exports;
  • to centralise or decentralise the management of your policy;
  • to opt for ground-up cover or an excess of loss policy;
  • your level of autonomy in the credit decision-making process;
  • tailored options such as cover for your legal disputes, production period insurance, delivery and shipping guarantees, etc. 


“Globalliance” is also adapted to multinational companies to insure their foreign sales, including those of the parent company and their subsidiaries. The advantages include economies of scale by combining global cover with customised local solutions. If the company generates sales of more than €250 million, the Globalliance policies are integrated into "Coface Global Solutions".

Delivering a valuable service…

Delivering a valuable service…

A Swiss watchmaker successfully markets a selective line of automatic watches designed in an “ethnic urban” style. The company enjoys substantial success in traditional watch retail outlets, where the brand name is less of a factor, thanks to distinctive design.


In five years, the company has managed to generate operating cash flow sufficient to finance the acquisition of a Danish company that specialises in the manufacture of custom made high-end clocks. However, the due diligence showed that the Danish manufacturer had eight unfinished clocks held in stock because the buyer had become insolvent between the time of the order and the delivery from the workshop. This potential issue makes the buyer more cautious.

After discussing it with the Coface teams, the buyer is reassured as the teams propose to:
- establish a new “Globalliance” policy on behalf of the future Danish subsidiary, along the same lines as the policy negotiated inSwitzerland,

-add a “manufacturing risk” component, which will cover the Danish workshop against insolvencies which may arise prior to the delivery of the clocks.   

Cofanet: an online application to serve clients

Cofanet: an online application to serve clients

Coface provides clients with Cofanet, a secure online guarantee management space.


It enables each client to identify its buyers, see the total volume of guaranteed risks outstanding, report losses and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices, all in just a few seconds.


Cofanet also offers Debtor risk assessments, export functions and detailed research.

CofaMove: For Safer Trade within easy reach
[PNG] Cofamove logo
Coface provides CofaNet users with CofaMove, a smartphone App to manage their customer and supplier portfolio.
CofaMove is a complementary solution to CofaNet.
It improves responsiveness in risk-taking and monitoring, as well as provides credit management guidance to sales forces in real time.

Key functionalities in your own company software

  • Search customers in the Coface database
  • Request Credit Limits and information products
  • Follow Coface decisions and updates on these products
  • Notify any overdue account

Cofaserve: Credit insurance management in your IT system

CofaServe is a real-time web data exchange solution enabling Coface credit insurance management in your IT systems.


It is an alternative solution to Cofanet, the Coface platform for the online management of credit insurance policies, and especially fits companies regularly managing hundreds of credit limits.

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