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25% of bankruptcies are the result of unpaid or overdue invoices. How do you protect your turnover?

25% of bankruptcies are the result of unpaid or overdue invoices. How do you protect your turnover?

What has the Covid-19 crisis taught us? That your health comes first. Not only yours and that of your nearest and dearest but also that of your company.


In order to prevent business risks and protect your turnover, it is of the utmost importance to know who your high-risk customers are - especially in this exceptional crisis situation.

This is quite simply possible with the CofaScan.


Why a CofaScan?

Loss of turnover and an increase in the number of defaults and bankruptcies: that is the impact of Covid-19 in the short term. For the time being, that impact is not all that significant. There are two reasons for this: Insurers have granted a considerable amount of flexibility to their policyholders and the government has set up mechanisms that allow credit insurers to continue to support pre-Covid risks.

But what if we really evolve towards a 'new normal'? In Belgium, thenumber ofbankruptcies is then expected to increase by 19%.As a result, many companies' business relationships will be disrupted.

The message is therefore toprotectyour companyin a timely manner.


What can the CofaScan do for you?

Obviously, you know your customers. But are you actually aware of who your high-risk customers are? It is a question that you absolutely must ask - especially if you know that80%of companiesare faced with unpaid invoices.

The CofaScan keeps your customer portfolio in the spotlight. This is achieved on the basis ofobjective data from our global databaseof companies. Coface combines this data withrisk analysesto determine your partners' creditworthiness.

The result? You will gaininsight into any potential losseswithin your customer portfolio.


How to perform the CofaScan

Take the first step and have your customer portfolio assessed free of charge at



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