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Coface Country Risk Conference

Global economy trends in one day

Coface Country Risk Conference

Every year in January Coface organises in Paris, France, a conference on the worldwide evolution of Country risk gathering more than 1,200 participants. Many conferences of this type are then organized around the world throughout the year.
The ambition is to help those involved in international trade -whether they are CEOs, commercial directors or credit managers- to make informed business or investment decisions.


It can also help businesses refine their strategies to address promising new markets while better understanding the related risks.
With these conferences, Coface is bringing together leading specialists from the world of finance, research and business to review the past year, debate the major trends shaping the world´s economy and shed light on the main economic issues.






  • Is the world doomed to sluggish growth?
  • What is the future for Europe?
  • What is the forecast for the evolution in oil prices?
  • When China coughs, does the whole of Asia sneeze?
  • What is the future for Latin American economies after the end of the “boom” in raw materials?

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