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Coface China Corporate Payment Survey: Increasing risks in supply chain disruptions and rising raw material prices


Coface’s 2022 China Corporate Payment Survey shows that fewer firms encountered payment delays in 2021, but those that did report longer periods of overdue payments than in the previous year. The average payment delay rose from 79 days in 2020 to 86 days in 2021. Firms in 9 out of 13 sectors reported an increase in payment delays, led by agri-food, which recorded the largest increase of 43 days, followed by wood, transport, and textile.

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War in Ukraine: Many (big) losers, few (real) winners


More than two months after the start of the war in Ukraine, of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, prospects for a rapid resolution of the war seem increasingly unlikely. As sanctions against Russia continue to pile up, a return to the pre-war situation seems illusory, even in the event of an early end to the conflict.

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Coface FY-2021 results: record net income


Coface FY-2021 results: net income at €223.8m and 100% pay-out ratio.

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Morocco Corporate Payment Survey 2021: shortened delays but still widespread late payments


According to Coface's 2021 study on the payment behaviour of companies in Morocco, contractual payment terms in the country remain long, reaching an average of 79 days. However, they have improved significantly, with a shorter duration of about 14 days compared to the previous survey conducted in 2019.

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Chief Economist Jean-Christophe Caffet's 2022 Outlook


3 questions with Chief Economist Jean-Christophe, who presents our outlook for the global econmy.

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